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Thread: Fasting : Will it have negative impact ?

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    Since this went onto page two I just wanna clarify that I'm agreeing with CC.
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    "From worms to mice, virtually every kind of animal fed a reduced calorie diet has been found to live longer - up to 40 per cent longer in some cases. But it has yet to be shown that such a diet extends human life."
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    And how would you propose testing it?

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    Longer doesn't mean better.

    Further, there isn't 'proof' of this. No study has 'proven' anything WRT caloric intake and lifespan. One can certainly tie caloric intake to obesity, which could be tied to longevity (and quality of life), however these studies essentially define the 'norm' - what's where in a normal distribution.

    How many of them address body composition? Don't you think it possible one who eats a lot, but has low body fat might also live longer/healthier? Is that addressed inthese studies?

    Bottom line, there is no reason to regularly fast like this, and it is counter productive to anything related to improving your physique or improving strength or fitness.
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    a 24 hour fast will not detoxify your body... there is no way. There is too many toxins in the body to rid in that amount of time.

    Why don't you just go have a foot bath or something? There are holistic ways, the foot bath being one of detoxifying the body which are much more effective and safe than a 24 hour fast. Besides.... what's the point of fasting for 24 hours? So on the 25th hour you start putting toxins back into your body?

    All whey protein contains toxins......phytotoxins... found in dairy products. It also encourages mucus growth which can begin to overwhelm the lymphatic system and cause problems. Detoxifying the body and keeping it realitively clean is a lot more difficult than you would think.

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    Dosen't drinking lots of water flush out all impurities anyway?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bruise Brubaker
    Fruits are not full of toxins. Especially those with a skin that you do not eat. They contain much more things that help in detoxification (that helps the liver, kidneys, etc.) than they toxify you...

    Meat, by definition, contains more toxins.
    what definition of meat do you use? I have a feeling it will be different to mine and most peoples.

    Fruits may contain substance to help remove toxins from your body. However this does not change the fact that there are lots toxins in fruits.
    Fruit has evolved over the years so it can get through to spread the seeds. A way to do this is to get through you as quick as possible. But other times they have added toxins to prevent animals from grazing on them.
    See the huge long list of poison plants? eg nightshade
    How long is the list of toxic mamals?
    which list is longer?
    plants contain things like phytates, glucosinolates, thiocyannates, solanine, cycasin. spices in large dose besdie giving you a burning mouth can effec the nervous system.
    This list can go on.
    the amount of people who are allergic/intolerant to foods. see peanut allergy.

    How many people are allergic to a big juicy rare sirlion steak?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vitalize
    Dosen't drinking lots of water flush out all impurities anyway?
    depends on the impurity. water more likely to have a effect on water soluble substance.
    But e.g. DDT its not going to have any effect on.
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    fasting??? on a muscle board? NEVER, must have food to grow
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