I fast once a week. By fasting, I mean I just drink lotsa of water the whole day, no solid food whatesoever. I didn't drink fruit juice too, I know it's good to take juice, but I want to be just relying on pure H20. 'cos I heard fasting is good for your body as it detoxify and also maintain that youthful look. I workout twice a week in the gym and jog once every week. Each time when I managed to fast 24 hours without food, the next day, I'll consumed healthy food like potatoe, eggs, snacks, bread before working out. My whole body felt great after the fasting affect. My question is shall I resume fasting once every week and if so, do you guys had any better way of doing it? Is it better to fast once or twice per week?

The only problem I had with fasting is after fasting for 10 hrs or so, my body starts craving for food and I had to try extremely hard to resist it and remind myself of my objective and benefits of fasting. So I went to bed early , not that I can sleep early, but I just want the hours to pass (24 hrs, to be exact, only then it's considerl fasting, anthing less is skipping meal). Anyone had similar problem like mine? Will it affect my health, bodybuilding and my active lifestyle?

Also, is tuna can really good for health? What other food is considered healthy besides eggwhite, potatoe, nuts, oatmeal brread ? I only take chicken meat twice a week as I do not particularly love meat in my diet. But I know I had to eat some white meat to get protein. I also eat nuts. I know before working out I must drink lotsa water and also eat 4 hrs before doing some workout. I also drink 1 to 2 bottles of 100 plus. I'm trying to stay fit and also maintain my muscle. I'm also trying to look more energetic daytime, in the office. All this with less than 5 hrs of sleep a day before I had to get to the office the next morning. I almost always sleep late 'cos I can't sleep early. But's I'm aready used to it.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.