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Thread: the punching bag and lifting

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    the punching bag and lifting

    For a few months a while back, I hit up the punching bag several times a week, just for the hell of it...

    I duno if it was mental but it seemed like it was helping me increase my bench strength, especially my max bench...i felt like it was cuz of the motion of punching was giving me this explosive power in the shoulder/pec region..

    can someone tell me if this is all in my head? or is there really a correlation between the punching bag and benching/lifting?

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    Punching would be more about muscle endurance rather than strenght but im sure its both mental and physical.
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    When i learned to be explosive, it helped my bench a TON. I guess the punching could help you learn to be explosive...i guess it makes sense to me.

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    punching is more of a back/lat workout than chest, but it would help with explosiveness needed to get momentum in the weight to get it back up.


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