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Thread: two workouts a day?

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    two workouts a day?

    Ive heard people talking about doing two workouts a day, an example being chest in the morning and tris in the afternoon. Would that be a bad idea, they explained it so i could do more exercises for each muscle group. Any responses would be greatly appreciated.

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    some pros will train twice a day, but unless you are on the sauce its a bad idea. you just dont have the recovery capabilities. stick to a conventional split, or do the different muscle groups at the same time like a chest bicep day, then condense the time period between each workout.

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    i will train twice a day sometimes.

    big muscle group at night, sleep, then in the morning do a small muscle group

    usually it will be twice a week

    back at night
    bis in morning

    i do this because i dont work my biceps hard enough on back day alone.

    but then again, people say this is no good because u dont have enough time to recover.

    how do i know what's right for my body? i feel this way is OK. but then again i don't know much.


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