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Thread: Custom-Made Shirts

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    Custom-Made Shirts

    Anyone know of a good place to have shirts custom-made?

    I have wanted to get some for a while now and know they are expensive($75+). But have also heard of people spending not so much($35-50).

    People go to Hong Kong and get measured and get the shirts made, then later when you need more, you just let them know and since they already have the measurements they just make more for you.

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    I've heard of cutom made suits in Thailand before, for pretty cheap. So go to Thailand :-)
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    I bought an ankle length leather jacket fully custom made for 200$ probably took several cows to make...still cheap

    EDIT* In Itawon in korea
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    Custom made stuff in Thailand is pretty cheap. I paid ~ $200 for 2 suits, 5 shirts and 3 ties. And also, there is no point in going to upscale 'fancy' places in Thailand, they all use the same cheap ass tailor.
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