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Thread: Starting a supplement store in Mexico

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    Starting a supplement store in Mexico

    I am thinking about starting a dietary supplement store similiar to a vitamin shoppe or GNC except smaller in Mexico. I will sell mainly multi vitamins, creatine and protein powder and maybe fat burners. Has anyone here been involved in the supplement industry? If so can you guys give me any tips on starting up this store. THanks

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    Location is very important. Don't open a store in a plaza with a big supermarket right next door, people are spoiled to convenience and will pay higher prices at a supermarket rather than walk right next door and buy from you.
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    also wouldnt hurt to carry some gear so all the gear heads will come in and buy supplements as well

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    and make sure u hire hot girls or big buff guys so that ppl will be attracted to come in
    lol.. seriously tho.. it works.
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    Put in some stripper Poles that will get peoples attention.
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    Quote Originally Posted by XxH0LyWaRsxX
    Put in some stripper Poles that will get peoples attention.

    Oh, absolutely! It what I look for in a supplement store, for sure!


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