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Thread: Training shoes?

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    Training shoes?

    I have New Balance MX1007 in navy and they are really cool. However, in the past 5 months, I've developed some nasty tendonitis and I'm convinced its from these damn shoes since they're really the only thing I've changed since I started getting pain in my leg.

    Please recommend good cross-trainers less than $150 that are suitable for lifting. Thanks!

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    i just bought a pair of shox nz... we'll see how good they are for lifting. I have some newbies right now, but have aftermarket insoles in them, since the stock cardboard ones crapped out the first month i had them.

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    Get some indoor soccer shoes. They are perfect for lifting with their thin hard sole.
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    nikey shox
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    Running shoes are really the worst possible shoe for lifting. Little lateral support, squishy cushioning. No good at all.

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    I swear by Adidas Trail running shoes. They're not like road running shoes in that they have more support around the ankle imo. Also, they're the last 3 pairs of shoes I've owned and I can't kill them, no matter what I run them through. Also, I remember once I put one of those half insole cushions in my shoe, one that goes from the heel to maybe half an inch from the balls of your feet. I got the worst feet pain that I've ever had from those. Maybe your insoles are the problem. Just a thought.

    Lastly, I get mine for between $65-$80.
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    nothing has been better for me than the original air zoom vick's. great support in the ankles and nice wide base good for squatting and deadlifting.

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    I use Nike shox, most comfortable shoe ive ever owned. That being said, they do suck for squatting, they are too squishy and not supportive enough laterally.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shansen008
    I use Nike shox, most comfortable shoe ive ever owned. That being said, they do suck for squatting, they are too squishy and not supportive enough laterally.
    yeah, i love my shox for running... but i agree they suck for squatting!!!!!

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    i wear my old school 1989 Reebok Pumps...cuz im cool like that

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    I like to use my wrestling shoes for when I do stuff like squats and DLs. I got 'em sitting around anyways and they are nice and flat with good ankle support.
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    I wear wrestling shoes. They work well.


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