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    Golfer's Elbow

    In a nutshell my trainer believes I have "medial epicondylitis" in my right arm otherwise known as golfer's elbow. Apparently it's small microtears in the tendons connecting the bicep to the elbow. It happens from overuse/strain. I believe it's mainly because I've been trying to increase weight in all my lifts and probably went a bit too far with the dumbbell curling (I still think it's ridiculous - I really haven't added much weight - went basically from 38lbs to 40lbs). It seems that every week I add weight and feel stronger but then the next week I'm weaker and injured. I don't really think I'm overtraining as I do 2 main lifting workouts (push and pull) and then boxing workouts the rest of the week. I have 3 days of rest between each of my lift days which seems to be a good amount of rest. I take 1g of protein/per lb of body weight and plenty of vitamins too. This injury is really killing my motivation as it seems I won't be able to lift for awhile (atleast anything involving pulling motions with my right arm) and it directly affects my boxing as well. I would like to know if anyone on the forums suffers or has suffered from this and how you guys got through it. man...I was making awesome gains too....

    thanks in advance
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