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Thread: Help with routine and setting goals

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    Help with routine and setting goals

    New to the forum and want to start off by thanking everyone for the advice given out all over this forum. I am a rookie to lifting but dedicated to do what it takes to get better. I have a few questions (they may be scattered all over so if you pick them up any help will be appreciated). First I have been lifting for about 4-5 months, the last 2.5-3 have been consistent(consistent being the below workout). I understand that it takes time and dedication to get to where you want to be. I cant lift too much but hey, you gotta start some time. Ive stuck around this routine the last 2.5 months and it seems as if im frustrated because im not seeing what I want (better definition and weight moving up). Like I said, im a rookie, so it might just be that I dont know how long the actual time is before I see some better definition. 5'11 168lbs, and right now my body fat is 15.3%----Here is my routine:

    Bench press 115 (10xs) 135(8xs) 145(5xs) 160(1x by self 2 more with help)(170 3'x w/help) *sometimes ill burn out with 115 at the end as many times as I can
    Incline DB 45 3x10
    Decline Bench 105 (12) 115(8) 135(5)
    Tricep curls 3x10 30lbs
    Cable cross 3x10 30lbs each arm
    Tricep Push-down 3x10 65lbs-70lbs-75lbs
    Dips 2x burn
    8min Abs

    Reverse lat pulls 2x10 90lbs-100lbs
    Lat Pull down 3x10 90lbs-100lbs-110lbs
    Pull Ups 2x burn
    Lawn Mowers 2x8 50lbs
    Straight bar curl 3x10 30lbs-35lbs
    hammer curls 2x8 25lbs (struggle with these but lowest DBs are 25lbs)
    wrist curls 2x20 on knees with starightbarthen 2x20 siting down w/ overhand grip
    Negatives 1xburn (usually 40-50lbs)
    8min Abs

    Squat 115lbs10xs-125lbs 10xs-135lbs 8xs-145 6xs-155 2xs
    Calf Raises 110 12xs 13012xs 135 10xs
    Leg Curl 3x10 80lbs-90lbs-90lbs
    Leg Extension 4x10 120lbs 135lbs-150lbs 165lbs
    Dumbbell Shoulder Press 3x8 40lbs (rotate weekly with military press)
    Shoulder Supersets 2x8 10lbs
    Shoulder shrugs 3x8 35lbs
    8min Abs

    Day off after 3days then back to routine.(2nd part of week is same routine, little bit lighter weight more reps).
    Also, when I started lifting, I was at 183lbs, now im at 168lbs. I heard that its a good thing because im losing bad weight...but shouldnt I be gaining weight?
    **I try to eat the best I can(been going good last month) my problem is eating breakfast, and I was told by my brother that I need to eat breakfast to get my metabolism going.. So when I do its a granola bar or fruit, then lunch I get sandwich and soup granola bar and sometimes fruit, then dinner ill eat entree at work(usually fish/turkey/chicken with vegetables (rice carrots or mashed potatoes) and either banana or fruit). Ill snack on fruit bars, granola bars, and special k bars. Every once in awhile Ill screw up and crave something stupid such as poptart or small bag of chips. I found out from another thread about and have been using that(very helpful thanks) If I should post some of the stats off fitday let me know. But should I eat more or what? I was given the analogy of the body is like a fire, and the logs are the food, you cant just throw logs on every so often because the fire will go out, you need to keep the logs consistent and the fire will stay going. (Something like that, may be confusing.).

    My weight has been going up on everything but bench. I do %s of my max(relative around the %s), but people told me about pyramids and your bench will grow fast, havent tried it..should I ? So I ask what to modify with my plan if something is wrong? My goal is to somehow (I know it will be awhile)get my bench up, get definition, and lower my body fat.. I ask, what is a reasonable date for these goals? If anyone has suggestions, please help...this rookie needs help from the big dogs in the forum. I probably missed other questions but will be sure to post. If anyone can throw out realistic goals I should aim for and dates to reach them that would be great.

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    It looks to me like you are overtraining. If I followed your routine I would not be getting enough recovery time between sessions. You dont grow in the gym but while recovering from going to the gym. You need rest, food, sleep as well as the training.
    I would suggest you try something like the wbb1 routines that you can find on this site.

    and what are lawn mowers ?? (other than something to cut the grass with!!)

    If you dont put enough food in you are not going to gain muscle. You need to spread your food intake throughout the day so yes eat a breakfast. Get enough protein (1 gram per lb bodyweight) and plenty of calories.
    Get reading through the articles on training and diet.

    Hope that is of some help.
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    I'd hate to reiterate this, but look into WWB1.

    WWB1 Videos of Form

    6 Week WWB1 Tracking Sheet
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    lawnmowers? bb rows with overhand grip? never heard of a lawnmower...but you might want to dumb down the routine a little and cut out the leg extensions

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    Mistake 1 - You're pyramiding the weights, which sucks, and apparently making little to no attempt at increasing your working weights, which is probably because of ****ty pyramiding.

    Mistake 2 - You're using way too high a volume for the frequency you're using.

    Yeah, try WBB1 for awhile.
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    allright, thanks for the info. ill look into the articles, and plans. sorry about the "lawnmowers", just a term i picked up from a buddy of mine. what do you guys think are some goals to set timewise? whats a reasonable body fat % to set and bench to aim for? thanks again, and sorry for the stupid terms.


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    at your height and weight 225 is a reasonable goal short term

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    Looks like some of the others have already touched on some of my points but I will post anyway.

    Just based of what you've listed and some of my own personal experience I would say perhaps your weakest area is nutrition. If your meals consist of a few granola bars some fruit and a entree dinner, I would say you are not getting anywhere close to what you should be taking in. What you said about the fire illustration is right on. You have to constantly give you body fuel. So first off you need to break your three meals up into 6 meals if possible. Sometimes this can be difficult since it may not be that convenient but it is essential. If you can't do 6 try to do at least a minimum of 4. Next you need to up those calories. At 165+ I would say you should be taking in around 3400 calories a day to maintain maybe more. So you should be eating more calories than that to really put on some weight and it doesn't take much to gain extra weight. A couple of hundred cal more can get you gaining again. Make sure you are getting an adequate amount of protein. Many people differ on this but you'll be okay if you get 1-1.5g per pound of body weight. For you it should be around 180-240g. (I'll probably get some crap for that) If it is hard to eat that much food try some Meal Replacement Powders. Some decent ones are Opticen, Proto-plex... there are plenty of brands. Just stay away from the "Generic" Weight Gainer shakes, they are mostly sugar.

    Something else you may want to concider is changing you workouts to allow a day between. Maybe Mon/Wed/Fri. This way you give your body a little more time to recoup. Even though you may not be directly working the same muscles each day its best to rest. Speaking of rest make sure you are getting plenty of sleep.

    I agree...WBB1 workout


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