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    My Crossfit Journal

    Ok so I've been doing Crossfit for a few days now. I did a search and saw that a few people were inquiring about it, as was myself. I'm interested in seeing what type of results I can achieve with this type of training, so I thought it best to start a journal to track my progress, and so others can see my progress.

    If nothing else, it will give me a lot of endurance and a lot of bodyweight-type strength for my BJJ training, which I am doing three times/week (Mon/Wed/Sat). Also, it is for this reason that I think this type of training would be ideal. BUT, maybe not, we'll see.

    Right now I'm holding onto about 210.5 lbs. at about 11-12% BF or so I'm guessing. I'm expecting that figure to drop though, considering the 'circuit training' nature of the program.

    The workout for tonight:

    5 Rounds for Time:
    400m sprint
    50 squats

    3 of the 5 rounds were completed with a time of 13:49. Squats were done with no weight, obviously. I was absolutely toast after 3 rounds. I've usually been able to finish the workouts as Rx'd but the 400's killed me.

    Let's see how long this journal lasts. . .
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