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Thread: Not gaining weight, so Making big changes!

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    Not gaining weight, so Making big changes!

    OK, the beauty of taking a week off is that I get to think a lot about what I"m getting out of weight lifting. And than to plan how I'm going to take the next phase of the weight lifting, usually with a new rebuilt enthusiasm.

    My goal is to gain mass.. and weight, as when I started I was 5"10 at 130 pounds (nov 04). Now I'm about 150 pounds. The thing is I've been stuck at the same weight for a couple months now! I've gotten much stronger though but not gained any weight.
    Because I've not gained any weight I noticed it is starting to take its toll on me PSYCHOLOGICALLY! I Just realized that now.. I am actually starting to feel small to myself, as small as when I was 130 pounds! The crazy thing is a couple months ago I didn't feel small, felt prett big.. but not now. I know if I gain weight to 160 pounds I will have that confidence boost again, and feel large etc.
    SO I decided for the next phase of my working out I'm going to eat.. and eat and eat, than eat some more, than eat, than eat again.. I don't really care anymore. I'm going to drink tons of milk, protein powder, I"m also going to eat meat/fish/pork at least 3 times every day (I've been eating it 2 times a day). I don't care how unhealthy milk, pork, peanut butter, fish is.. I'm going to eat it, than eat some more of it.
    I plan on doing this until I'm at least 155 pounds.. My short goal is 160 pounds by end of July. I have no excuse not to be able to get my diet in order, I don't work and have so much free time.

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    hey I feel fer ya I've been at about 141-143 for a long time! You'll gain now. Just have to make yourself eat more.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mattanshrager
    yo, i mean its cool having big goals and all, and this might not be your biggest interest but ill say it anyway---- ITS ALMOST BEACH SEASON BRO!
    All the more reason he wouldn't want to be 5'10 150lbs.

    Keep yourself motivated and you'll get to 160 faster than you think.
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    Keep track of your calories so you know exactly what you need to eat to maintain, gain, or lose weight. It will make things easier down the road.

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    Eat boy. Just make sure you eat the right things.
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