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Thread: Want to start a powerlifting/bodybuilding team at my school

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    Want to start a powerlifting/bodybuilding team at my school

    So here's the deal...our athletic director is the biggest dick in the whole f'in world...he says that in order to use the weight room, we must be on a sport. well one day me and another kid were lifting weights and he comes down and tells us toi get out, (he does this literally everyday...he locks the door...we break in and start lifting for about 45 minutes or as long as we want on the lucky days, then he comes and kicks us out) so yesterday when we were lifting he comes down and tells us to get out, my friend gets up and says no quietly...the sthletic director immedietly responds with a loud "what did you say!!??" and again my friend says NO! but much louder...the sthletic director then gets very pushy...he begins to advance on us. now not to sound cocky or anything, but me and my friend are pretty solid kids and this guy is my friend and him start gettin into a battle of yelling. we were sayin how we never get to lift, and how in health class we are taught to excersize every day yet we can never lift(i know a stupid excuse but it works) so we end up leaving and we went straight to the principal who ended up yelling at us. later in the day my friends mother called the principal and asked why we can never lift, the principal said that we can get hurt if we lift by ourselves, and then his mom started sayin that we are responsible and that we always spot each other and we never lift alone, but our principal just started yelling so she hung up.

    so now i got the idea of starting a power lifting team...i presented the idea to one of our gym teachers, who is one person who can sympathise as he is a bodybuilder as well...

    well all i can say is that he was exstatic...he told us that he has been trying for weeks to get new equipement in the weight room and other stuff like that, and he said that something like this would be perfect to bypass the athletic director seeing as if we go before the board of education we can get this passed without his approval or the principals.

    so basically my gym teacher said to go and find as much info as possible on high school compettions for powerlifting...

    anything would i am researching it myself, i ask if anyone who lives in CT or knows about this stuff, to please give me some help...

    18 years old

    Bench--300lbs (as of 2/23/07)
    Deads--415lbs (as of 2/20/07)

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    That's a pretty ****ty school if you ask me. Where I went to highschool the weight room was open everyday after school to anybody, for like 2 hours. And anybody could take exersise and conditioning instead of gym class if you wanted to lift. I would see if they can have someone stay after school for a hour or two so kids can lift, that makes the most sense.
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