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Thread: Please help: Shoulder Press Injury

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    Please help: Injury During Shoulder Press

    I have been weight lifting for a little over a year now and have yet to really injure myself, until today. So, I am not sure how concerned I should be or what actions to take.

    I was doing my normal shoulder press set: 10 w/45 8 w/47.5 and 6 w/50, but this seemed fairly light for me today so attempted to do one more set with 52.5. I made it to 5 and was going for 6 when I feel my left arm pull backwards and ripping sound coming from shoulder which freaked the hell out of me cause I had never heard that sound before. I immediatly put the weights down and ended my set and went home.

    My shoulder still has a full range of motion, I can still touch my fingers behind my back for example, so I don't think I am in serious trouble. But it makes my left shoulder and lat area near my armpit extremly sore, although the pain calms down in a minute or so to just a mild discomfort. My question to you all is how worried should I be about this, like did I mess my rotator cuff up for months to come? Also, what should I do to help it heal and how long should I take off from the gym? I supsect at least a week assuming the pain goes away, but should I wait even longer?

    For the future, I will definitely use a spot when doing dumbell presses.. or just stick to lateral raises/upright rows.

    Thanks in adance for any help.
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