Hey guys , i just turned 16, i've been working out for about 7 months now , and have gotten some tremendous gains. iv'e lost 19 lbs, brought my max bench up 100 pounds ( now at 220 ) , brought my bi's up 2.5" 's , tri's have grown alot and so on.

im usually about 170 ( varies day to day lol ). Im just starting to peak in my bi's, traps and such, im thinking this would be a great time for me to bulk then cut. The only thing is im concerend about cutting. During my cutting phase, i plan to be jogging everyday for at least an hour or two.

Would it hurt me to be training for big lifts and cut at the same time ? or should you just stop your bulking workout, cut, then restart. Im new to the whole cutting / bulking thing. Can you give a noob some advise. Any critques appeciated. Thanks, MIke