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Thread: Heavy Deads and Squats = Ferocious Appetite

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    Heavy Deads and Squats = Ferocious Appetite

    Well, I am/was in my fifth week of cutting until I did heavy deads and squats today. My appetite shot beyond control about three hours after the workout and I broke down and ate a half gallon Breyers French Vanilla ice cream and just now(11:00PM) ate two filet mignon's and two tomatoes and I am still salivating at the mouth!

    This cutting and lifting heavy and hard is horrifyingly difficult! So far in my cut I am down ten pounds in a month and a half with steady gains in my lifting but it is getting really tough. I am trying to get down 20 more pounds and keep the muscle I have or gain some but damn my body is craving for a ton of food after the deads and squats!

    Wish me luck.

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    my appetite is ferocious after every workout!
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    I have this problem too.

    What I've found helpful is to shave a few hundred calories off the meals I consume before I lift (I usually lift at about 6PM) so I have extra food to eat during this post workout period.

    I find it easier to go a little unsatisfied earlier in the day than after I lift, and this gives me the extra calories when I want them the most.

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    you eat ice cream while cutting? If you're still hungry eat some tuna can, or a salad. But yeah.. goodluck.

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    your body is not craving triple fudge monkey ice cream...

    it wants carbs...

    find some good ones, and some protein

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    if absolutely neccesary, find some low cal frozen yougurt or something

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    My appetite is pretty much always raging.
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