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    Are there any negatives to getting alot of sleep? I've been getting 10-14 hours sleep each night for the last 2 weeks and I still seem to be going around very tired during the day (or whats left of it). What gives? I'm awake for 2-3 hours and I feel the need to sleep again.
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    i was reading on something the other day about hypersomnia over sleeping! just read a little on it but you can always do a search and read about it!
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    do u wake up and go back to bed because youve got nothing to do?

    then u wake up again and figure, **** ill just sleep some more...

    then do you sleep more until you cant possibly sleep anymore? i do this sometimes and it makes me feel like **** so get a job u bum so u have to wake up earlier

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    I would not sleep over 9-10 hours a day. "We" think it leads to an earlier death and being lazy during the day I believe.

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    I read awhlie ago that oversleeping will make you more if not as tired as if you are undersleeping. Weird, yes, but its true. It's happened to me plenty of times when I get lazy and stay in bed all morning on the weekends.

    Not sure how good the source was, but I remember hearing that oversleepers die earlier than regular sleepers. Like what Biz said.
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