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Thread: WBB1 8-10 week reveiw/results.

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    WBB1 8-10 week reveiw/results.

    Well guys i am wrapping up with WBB1.

    Overall rating: Its OK.

    Its really not the greatest routine i have ever done. No where near in fact. We all react to working out differently, so to say that WBB1 suits everyone would be a lie. While on WBB1 my Strength Soared. But in terms of growth...meh its the only 2 month period where I DID NOT GAIN ANY MASS. Though this may be in part to some cardio which i included 2-3 times a week.
    I feel fitter, but i never got any really noticeable growth out it. Just kinda stayed the same.

    I'm contemplating going back to my old Higher rep less weight + less rest routine, which got me the stunned silence reaction from people who hadnt seen me in a while.

    My old routine really seemed to pump PUMP PUMP my muscles up.

    And actually tonight i did my old routine, and found that i had difficulty completing reps... .... so yeah...

    Nothing ventured nothing gained, it was cool to see my strength soar, but its time for something new where i'm going to see results.

    I'll post up my old routine shortly. and eventually i will post my new routine.
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