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Thread: Identity system and identity theft

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    Identity system and identity theft

    Just having a discussion with the fiance there about identification and what could be done to make this place (london at the moment) a more safe ie fraud and identity theft free place. I would definitely be for a system of fingerprint scanning or retinal scanning something individual that to my knowledge would make it more difficult to commit identity theft. (also this information could be used to prevent other crimes through finger print recognition etc ie a national database, not just holding those of already known criminals)
    My idea of this system is as a substitute for credit and bank cards though I am aware of the arguments against this system and how we could talk about 'big brother' and lack of privacy etc.
    I would like to know other peoples ideas on how they think improvments could be made to prevent identity theft and the arguments against implementing this sort of system on a general basis.
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    you mean like a single national ID including biometric data?
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    we must be pretty close to this even Radio Shack in Canada has a fingerprint reader for $69


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