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Thread: How often do you

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    How often do you

    Take time off from lifting and how much do you train?
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    I take time off whenever I feel tired or have had a stressful day/week. I usually train twice a week.

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    I have just started training super low volume once every month or so. I find that my current routine is so demanding that if I keep it up then I end up getting sick, regardless of how much time I spend sleeping/eating/recovering, so when I see the first signs of sickness I change to a full week of one set per exercise instead of the usual 5 and do only 1/3 of my cardio.

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    I train 4 times per week. I take time off when I go on vacation. Usually 3-7 days off once per year. I sometimes take time off during finals when I really need it and feel hammered..
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    i take time off when i want, i dont have a system. I've been off for about 3 months, and i look besically the same, actually probabaly gained a few pounds over all (mostly fat, but i'm bulking anywayz). I'm really blessed with the ability to maintain my physique for a very long time without much upkeep. I think it's because my mom was an olympic gymnast and my dad was an acrobat.
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    i do 4 lifting days

    i take time off whenever i feel it's needed goes to 3 days to a week!
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    I Take a complete week off about ever 6 weeks. Always have come back stronger after that week off.
    NOt only stronger.. but much more psychologicaly ready to lift again.. which is much more important. This will make sure you stick out the weight lifting for years.

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    I take time off whenever I get burned out or get too stressed from work. WHen I start getting ansy again, like I have way too much energy or I want to start moving furniture around, I start lifting again.
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    If I take time off, it's usually only a day or two. I only do that when I feel really crappy.
    I train with weights 5 days per week.

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