Good article about bascially CNS adaption that I just learned about.
Since I'm skinny and trying to put on bulk, I was lifting completly wrong, and that is why recently I am gaining strength but not gaining any weight. But its good to read that article before answering my question, but its not necessary if you know about what I'm asking.

Well here is my question, say your in a fight and your adrenaline kicks in where you bascially get super strength. WIll this bascially give you muscle recruitment in the upper 90% like it said in the article. So bascially during a fight where both opponents are high on adrenaline, strength will come down to mass becuase muscle recruitment will be close to 100% for both individuals?

SO all my strength gains are only good for when my adrenaline is normal, and I'm not in a fight or flight situation?

What would you guys have to say about this?