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Thread: Why I love At Large Nutrition

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    Why I love At Large Nutrition

    It's very simple... the personal connection. Each time I have placed an order, Chris writes a little note on the packing list in the box. And just yesterday, my wife submitted an order for me, and Chris responded, saying he recognized the address but not the name. He just wanted to know how she found out about At Large. They e-mailed back and forth once or twice after that, I think.

    I can't think of any other retail setting where you get this kind of personal service, be it online or "real world". At DPS Nutrition, I'm nothing more than an account number. Their service is fine, but that's where it ends. With At Large, it feels good to know that I'm dealing with a real person who cares about more than making a buck (although I know that's important too). That in turn gives me more and more confidence about their products, which I already know are top-notch.

    Thanks Chris, for the continued friendly service. I look forward to doing business with you for years to come.
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    Thank you very much and I cannot tell you how nice it is for someone to appreciate what we do.



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