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Thread: Shoulders and traps????

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    Shoulders and traps????

    I've noticed one of the things good bb seem to have that most other people dont' (apart from mass of course) is trap/shoulder proportions. I think many, myself included, find it very easy to gain mass in the traps, so much so that they appear disproportionately large compared to your shoulders.
    I don't train my traps directly at all, yeet they are still large. My shoulders on the other hand look small in comparison.
    Large shoulders look awesome in my opinion, but are hard to get. Large traps on the other hand seem to come to almost anyone who trains.
    So how do bb get such proportions. I sit simply a case of being patient, and waiting for your shoulders to cath up so to speak.

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    I think a lot depends on your makeup. Some people have the slanted shoulder syndrome(not really a illness) and look like all traps no matter what they do.
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    If you want BIG shoulders, you need two things: big-shoulder-genetics and lots of muscle on your body. If you want to WORK your shoulders, try some shoulder presses and lateral raises. Those do it for me.

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    It really is all genetics.. I don't ever really isolate my shoulders and they stand out from the rest of me.


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