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Thread: Chronic shoulder tendonitis

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    Chronic shoulder tendonitis

    Hi guys, currently my supraspinatus tendonitis have been giving me trouble again. I would like to know if any of you that had tendonitis got it fixed forever and what did you do?

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    Lots of cuff training, rest, anti inflamatories, etc.

    Are you sure it's tendonitis?
    Squats work better than supplements.
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    Pretty much what Paul said. I would have it looked at if it doesn't go away. I had this happen to me when I was pitching in college and eventually it got bad enough to where I had to have rotator cuff surgery in the offseason.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shootermcgavin7
    I had this happen to me when I was pitching in college and eventually it got bad enough to where I had to have rotator cuff surgery in the offseason.
    As a kid I used to always throw baseballs (whether pitching or fielding) and often threw out my arm. Later, after playing football for a while in high school I tore my labrum (from what I understand is tissue that helps keep the rotating part of the shoulder in place) in both shoulders and got surgery on my right shoulder. The problem? Labrums don't heal so only surgery can fix them and even then surgery only helps so much.

    I find that working out the shoulder definitely helps my condition, making my shoulders feel a lot more stable.

    If your "tendonitis" (a term/diagnosis that I believe is over-used) does not go away and you can not bear it then unfortunately I would recommend considering surgery.

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    I used to get this pretty bad when I played a lot of tennis (from serving). Best thing you can do is lay off whatever it is you're doing to agrivate it and let it heal up. If you can't lay off the exercise, try changing the movement you are doing (i.e. instead of shoulder presses, do front raises...). When you've pissed a tendon off, it'll be very unforgiving.

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    I have tendonitis in my right calve.. walking uphill, downhill, up stairs, down stairs, around, anything hurts me.. I'm 4 days into taking a month + off from the gym and hating every minute of it.


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