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Thread: Was told in the training section to post my diet and goals...

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    Was told in the training section to post my diet and goals...

    After posting some training questions which were growth related, I was asked to post my diet and goals here in the nutrition section.

    Meal One: 7:15
    one cup oats
    25 g egg white protein
    one omega-3 /omega 6 enriched egg yolk
    one tbsp cashew butter (8 g fat)

    meal two:10:30
    2/3 cup oats
    one 3 oz can of tuna

    meal three: 1:00
    one half cup (measured uncooked) brown rice (340 cal, 75 c)
    one tbsp cashew butter
    some fibrous veggies
    one can low sodium tuna (34 g protein.)

    meal four: (post-workout) 5:00
    50 g dextrose/malto
    25 g egg white protein.

    meal five: 6:30
    10 oz. sweet potato
    6 oz salmon filet (14 g fat)

    meal six: 9:30-10:00
    two egg yolks
    three-four egg whites

    Totals are around 2600-2800 calories, around 300 g carb, 200-225 total protein (at least 150 g complete protein) and about 55-60 g fat.

    I'm 5'7'', 135 lbs, 18, male, and very lean; and my goals are to increase both size and strength.

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    i would switch the cashew butter to your last meal of eggs.
    you seem to have enough carbs and protein. I would adjust fat up a bit to increase cals if needed, up to 30% (asssuming mostly "good" fats). ALso dont let the fat get to low either, you could drop carbs when fat gets below 15-20%


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