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    I recently started sleeping with a pillow between my legs and found that my ribs/spine are shifting back [ to where they "should be" ]. The things, is my spine because it curved to the right for so long is now waving a little. IT was not like WOW your spine is bent that it is correcting it is bothering me I might have a wave in my spine. I was wondering can anyone recomend something which will help line my spine? It could just happen on it's own by using the pillow......but I would liek to ENSURE this.

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    So are you saying you have scoliosis? Did you talk to a professional using the pillow or is this something you came up with yourself?
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    from what i know of the spine, is that it is suppost to be curved a little depend on your prodominate side, example, like your right or left hand. But i'm not sure to what degree. When it comes to spine always ask a doctor.
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