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Thread: Back wideness and thickness

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    Back wideness and thickness

    I'm a little confuse about the different types of back exercises which makes your back wider and thicker. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

    Do you get wider (and more V Shape) Back by performing pull ups, chins, pulldowns and a thicker Back by performing Seated Rows, Bent Over Barbell Rows, One Arm Dumbell Rows?

    Also, what about Deadlifts? Do they widen or thicken it?
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    You are correct.

    Deadlifts thicken the back and generally put more forcus on the lower back and the traps.
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    Agreed with YatesNightBlade.

    Heavy deads are great for thickening your overall back up completely. From your neck down your waist deads really flame my entire back. Especially my middle and lower traps, along with my spinal erectors. Chins are #1 in my opinion for building lat "width" ... great overall exercise. Bentover ez-bar rows are my favorite along with seated v-bar rows for really hitting those rhomboids. All good exercises.

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    I usually pre and post exhaust with pullovers...That seems to help with both

    As well as going to failure on chins (wide grip), then supersetting with wide grip pulldowns with a light weight...

    IMO you can't go wrong with one arm dumbell rows either..

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    Stfu beercan. There is only one LATMAN!

    Deads, chins, rows.

    One form of each and your set.
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    Do bent-over rows. You won't have a problem with back "thickness" or "width".
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    Originally posted by LATMAN
    Stfu beercan. There is only one LATMAN!
    and the boy romboid!!!

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    My back is thick and wide, but I thank genetics since I never do chin ups or pullups.

    On back day I do deadlifts (my favorite excercise of all time), barbell rows, and either t-bar rows or cable pull downs.

    My back is easily my best bodypart.
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    You guys feel that pull downs and chins are compareable?

    I feel that I've made a lot more progress with chins than pull downs.

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    I personally think that chins are far superior to hitting your lats than pull-downs are. Totally agreed bro. Ever since I started doing chins as a staple in my back routine my back progress has gone EXTREMELY high. However, I must say that my strength really seriously hasnt gone up too much..

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    notsobigguy - You can get a big back form not doing chins and pull up etc. but your back could be even bigger if you incorparated those exercises into your routine. mind you, if its easily your best part than you might loose symatry as it gets even bigger. but thats your choice.
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