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Thread: Push/Push v. Push/Pull

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    Push/Push v. Push/Pull

    What is everyone's thought on this.

    I've seen people who have as part of a split in the same day chest/tri's or back/bi's. Is that good?

    I feel that if I do chest and tri's on the same day, I'd never get a chance to hit my tri's when they are fresh. (Same thing with bi's on back day). And I don't think I'd want to do tri's before chest--seems counterproductive.

    So maybe a push/pull kind of workout, like back/tri's, chest/bi's?

    Just wondering.
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    Every push exercise (bench, military presses etc) all work your tri's, there's a lot of guys who never work their arms and just rely on compound movements., but in a push day you're hittin them the whole time and any tri exercises at the end are really just finishing moves.

    It's the same on push days with your bi's.

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    some people also do

    horizontal pull
    horizontal push
    vertical pull
    vertical push

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    I have always felt that if i worked chest/tris or back/bis i was over working my arms. So i always try to do chest/biceps or back/triceps. Thats just the way i have always done it.


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