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Thread: cereal/types of protein before bed?

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    cereal/types of protein before bed?

    im currently eating low sugar wheat cereal with some whey powder and almonds before bed, would it be better to get some slower digesting powder? if so what kind woudl that be.

    also is eating carbs right before bed bad?

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    not bad, but you dont want much carbs, you actually want the protein before bed, so that your body and break down the bond to help repair muscles.

    The carbs will give u energy, but if u arent using that source, it will be converted into fat tissue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bboy486

    The carbs will give u energy, but if u arent using that source, it will be converted into fat tissue.
    Not true. Glycogen is a beautiful thing bro. If your eating over maintance calories then you have the potential to be storing fat. You need calories to grow and repair, not just protein. If it fits in your caloric intake and macronutrient breakdown for the day then your golden. What is the actual breakdown of that meal, it sounds fine but I would add milk to it.
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    I do cottage cheese with natty PB and a chunk of apple at bedtime. Digests slowly. I don't like carbs at bedtime unless I trained that evening.

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    i have milk,spoon and my jar of pb!
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    I don't eat ANY carbs after 5pm and try to get as most of them pre workout. It's working for me.


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