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Thread: Struggling with deads

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    Struggling with deads

    First I want to say this: I've seen a lot of people recently that arn't doing deads, but clean and jerks (not throwing it above their head). Is this better? Should I be doing them?

    Anyway, on to my problem (with some background info):

    Okay, I'm not a huge kid, I'm a okay sized kid. I just turned 16. I weight about 155 and am like 5'11". Just a few days ago I squated 3X10 at 135 (My squat has been doing really well, been adding at least 5 lbs each week). I bench 3X8 at 105. Nothing special, right. Anyway, I'm really going NOWHERE with deads. I think I know, but I don't know what to do about it.

    I think I have decent form. But here's my problem: I can't dead two plates yet so the bar sits low and I don't let it touch the ground. This kills my grip because I never let the bar go. Should I be using straps? I have no idea how to use them and don't think my gym has any extras.

    I guess I've never had a good dead feeling anywhere on my body. I dead so low, like 75lbs and my arms are stocked. I drop the bar and go on elsewhere. My grips not that horrible either. I static hold two 55 DBs for 3X60 seconds. I don't know what about deads is troubling me. What do you guys suggest?

    Also, I was told to ride the bar up my legs, but this was bruising me a lot and giving my legs many red marks. How do you guys do this? And, how low do I want my butt? I usually have it extremly low, like, as low as the bar with a 10lb on each side. I saw this one guy doing it with 45s and his butt was more out, not low. It wasn't a straight leg deadlift though. Which way is better?
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