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Thread: Explosive Power Exercises For TRAPS.. ?

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    Explosive Power Exercises For TRAPS.. ?

    I am curious what do you all think about doing explosive power exercises for your traps?

    My traps are a lagging bodypart and always have been.. I am tryin to find what will cause some serious growth besides standard dumbbell shrugs. Ill have to admit that heavy deads really have exploded my traps.. but other then that, nothing really has. Believe it or not GVT with 10 sets of 10 with dumbbell shrugs somehow made my traps grow a lot...

    Regardless, the explosive power exercises that I am talking about are hang cleans, power cleans, power shrugs.. and a few others. Specifically power shrugs are supposed to be phenomenal for serious trap growth. Here's a link for how to do hang cleans and power cleans if you are unfamiliar.

    Click Here To View How To Do HANG CLEANS & POWER SHRUGS..

    The movement for power cleans is something like this. Grip shoulder width athletic stance - bar against thighs and just above knees, back flat, shoulders should be forward of bar, arms straight with elbows pointed out toward the plates (keeps bar closer). Explode upward by straightening the back and legs, next pull hard with your traps (try to put them into your ears) and extend up onto your toes (if there wasn't weight on the bar you would have just jumped off the ground), the bar should float up on its own momentum as you should not be pulling on it past the initial shrug.

    Work with a weight that allows the bar to float up but not much higher than would allow for more than a slight flexing of the elbows (meaning it should be heavy and if you can pull it to your pecs you are still warming up). The bar then drops back to your control and you return it to the original position and proceed with another rep - obviously this part is slow and controlled for safety. Thats basically it. Supposed to work great for thickening up and strengthening the traps. Many strength coaches, one in particular that I remember is Bill Starr, reccomend it highly over dumbbell shrugs.

    What do you all think?

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