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    Working Out

    First let me introduce myself, My Name is Eric and Im currently deployed with the army in Iraq. This is the best board I have found yet. Know my question is I have been working out for 8 months like a mad man. I have increased my bench from 135 to 240 one time max, the problem is im getting stronger but im not gettting any bigger. Any Ideas on wehat could help me?

    Thanks guys for the help
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    Hey there -

    Nice to have you on the board.

    My first thought is that you need to eat more. Is this possible in your current situation?

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    Not Really we are eating mainly MREs but they have 2000 calories each I eat two of those a say most of the time.

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    4000 cals a day should be more then enough for you to bulk up, even if its slowly. For hypertropy I would suggest doing higher reps with slightly lower reps. In the 6 to 10 rep range. I've also heard (and have personally seen) that resistance machines are better at building mass, I really packed size onto my triceps using resistance machines over free weights.

    Some other things that might help are how old you are, how much you weigh, and what your training sessions are like.

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    Eat all you can and thank you for serving our country.
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    Give us WBBers an address and maybe we'll send you some Tri-O-Plex Bars or something.

    You gotta get that food in, especially with all the work you put in every day.

    Thanks for putting your ass on the line so we can all eat whatever we want. You rock.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BuckSGT
    First let me introduce myself, My Name is Eric
    when i started reading that, digital underground started playing in my mind

    and i thought you were gonna say "my name is humpty"

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    How many reps/sets are you doing?
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    If you can't gain weight off of the maximum of what you can eat, then your stuck in a hole here. You'd be best off to just train for strength, endurance, flexibility, etc. until you have access to higher amounts of food.
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    Im 25years old
    18 bf
    Chest Work out
    Bench 160 10x, 170 8x, 190 6x
    Incline 120 10x 130 8x 140 6x
    Decline 130 10x 140 8x 150 6x
    Curl- 80 10x 90 8x 100 6x
    Flys with dumbells 25 10x 30 8x 35 6x

    Then I burn myself out with 135 bench

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    Quote Originally Posted by WBBIRL
    4000 cals a day should be more then enough for you to bulk up, even if its slowly.
    This is all dependent on his BMR and how many calories he expends doing extra activity. He probably expends many more calories than his BMR being on active duty...walking around in his gear all day, etc, etc. So while 4000 calories seem like plenty for most folks, it might not be enough to GAIN ON for a highly active person.
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    BuckSGT, Thank you and your comrades for your service to our country.

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    Do you train your entire body?

    Do you have access to more food if you want it?

    Can you outline your entire routine?

    I also want to thank you for your service!


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