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Thread: Anyone with Herniated Discs?

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    herniated disk in c2. I re-agrivated it with another accident this past october. Pain comes and goes but it's never "normal" Some days it's horrible and other days I just deal with it. Stretching, message therapy, heat all help but if it's never really great. Bench press is too much on my neck as well as dips, barbell squat is impossible, and a couple other exercises make it worse. I used to still lift heavy but it's ruined me basically and made it worse. Now I decided to start focusing on the injury more. I use less weight and focus on form more. Pilates, yoga might help you out a bit. Strengthening the core will definetly help. Back extensions are excellent but try them on the ball or on the machine first and slowly build up. I used to have lower lumbar issues but back extensions got rid of them.
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