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Thread: shin splints

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    shin splints

    anyone have problems with shin splints? I get them so bad I start brusing about 29-45mins after runing, and can barley walk. I went to an ortho Dr thats also a sports DR. and he thinks its my siatic nerve, as well as my L shoulder is about 1/2in lower than my R. Any thoughts?

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    9,891 has shoe supports that supposedly will take the stress off of your frame..i've been lusting after them for a while.

    also, lay off the carbonated drinks..they contribute to shin splints

    also, increase calcuim intakte with a supplement..lack of calcium has something to do with it.

    this question is in the wrong forum.

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    please do a search in general health. There are more than a couple of threads on this subect.

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