I used to be the ugliest boy in school, ugly and crooked back, Prateorian whos a member here used to call me ugly white trash, hehe.

But strangley these last 2years, Ive gotten high cheeckbones, straight lines in the face, smooth skin and bigger jaw muscles, just out of nowhere, and girls treat me 100% different, I can be the biggest ******* in the world now and I still fairly easy get in touch with good looking intelligen ambisious girls who WOULD NEVER look at me 2years ago when I had a chubbier more puppy like face.

So my conclusion is, if a girl likes how you look, thats pretty much it, you can get her then, if she likes muscle and you got muscle, she will ignore other negative aspects about you and go after you in many cases, in this way I think women are more shallow then men.