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Thread: Elbow pains

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    Elbow pains

    I have been lifting weights pretty hard for the past 6 weeks now and have run into some major elbow pains (left arm)...I have been lifting weights pretty regularly since high school(5 years) but never as seriously as I have now... My routine was all wacked-I would bench like every other day and go pretty hard in all my muscle groups...
    My elbow has hurt now for about 2 weeks and I have currently taken off this past week...
    I was wondering what exactly is wrong with my elbow and what would be the correct steps to fix my problem...

    should I rest it more or just try and work thru it?

    is there anything I can take to quicken my recovery? (glutamine for joints???)

    Is it similar to tennis elbow???

    I tried benching and biceps (lightweight) today and noticed that it hurt more on bench...I have not done triceps b/c I initially thought this was the main cause...
    Thankyou for all the help!
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    Elbow Pain

    I can tell you what I ended up getting, Medial Epicondylitis also called golfers elbow, but when it comes to weightlifting it can be attributed to excessive grip tension, my pain came from inner elbow through forearm and into my forefingers, it would be wise for you to take time off now since you have only been having the pain for a week or so,the longer you lift with it the longer it will take heal, I was a hard head and lifted for a couple of months before I wised up, I have not lifted for about 2 weeks now except for legs and probably will have to lay out another week, there is also Lateral Epicondylitis which is tennis elbow,if you run a search on either of these or just elbow pain you find a wealth of info on what to do about if either of these are what you a experiencing, I also started taken liquid Glucosamine/Chondroitin with MSM and Collagen, run a search for Flexicose,hope this helps.


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    Are you doing barbell curls, curly bar curls, dips? These can bother the elbows, try RICE for a few days better yet take a week off. me reap of what I sow....

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