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Thread: Elbow pains

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    Elbow pains

    I have been lifting weights pretty hard for the past 6 weeks now and have run into some major elbow pains (left arm)...I have been lifting weights pretty regularly since high school(5 years) but never as seriously as I have now... My routine was all wacked-I would bench like every other day and go pretty hard in all my muscle groups...
    My elbow has hurt now for about 2 weeks and I have currently taken off this past week...
    I was wondering what exactly is wrong with my elbow and what would be the correct steps to fix my problem...

    should I rest it more or just try and work thru it?

    is there anything I can take to quicken my recovery? (glutamine for joints???)

    Is it similar to tennis elbow???

    I tried benching and biceps (lightweight) today and noticed that it hurt more on bench...I have not done triceps b/c I initially thought this was the main cause...
    Thankyou for all the help!
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