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Thread: If loosing Weight, do u lose strengh

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    If loosing Weight, do u lose strengh

    For the past year ive dropped about 50 pounds or more in fat. Ive got more defiention in my muscles now then i did when i was fatter, but my strengh dosnt seem to be increasing at a very drastic rate, if at all. Is my weight loss the reason why im not making gains in strengh

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    losing weight and strength loss

    I'm a powerlifter and I can tell you that if I lose much weight, I will see a drop in my bench and squat immediately. It depends on the lift, but losing weight will affect your leverages for some lifts negatively.

    Obviously, if you are losing fat, weight loss should have a positive effect on most bodyweight exercises.

    It's also possible that you didn't lose JUST fat, no?

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    I would say if anything, its your diet now. You just lost 50lbs and I bet your either trying to lose more or make sure that it doesnt come back. So you stay on that reduced cal diet and I think that may be the problem.


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