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Thread: Cut it out, train for strength

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    Cut it out, train for strength

    Ok, here's my two-part fitness program. For the first month or so, I will be working on getting myself into better shape as well as establishing a routine to get myself cut to the BF I want, and then stay there while I move to the second part of the routine.
    Once cut, I plan to begin training for strength -- continuing with a healthy diet and cardiovascular training.

    After counting cals on average eating days, as well as using formulas in mags & online, they all seem to point to roughly the same daily calorie intake level: 1450-1500.
    Previous to today I just watched my fat intake, I will now count everything I eat and try and get into a nice routine. If I find this is not enough cals, I will have to up it to an acceptable level.

    Age: 18
    Height: 65"
    Weight: 135lbs
    BF%: 11.5-12.5% (based on average of calculations & scale)

    Goal: To get cut down to 8-9% BF by the end of January so I can commence strength training in February (2nd semester will allow me more time to dedicate to training).
    Goal 2: To get into better cardiovascular shape, and once BF goal reached, to begin strength training.
    Goal 3: To be able to balance a diet which will allow me to get through the day without feeling hungry constantly, and to maintain my BF% at an acceptable level.
    Goal 4: To keep a fitness/nutrition journal daily.

    ~1450 cals.
    Carbs: 196g
    Protein: 107g
    Fat: 24g
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