My PREVIUOS thread was closed. I don't know why. Maybe the title. So I changed it.

Both are medium bone and very attractive. Both are 150 lbs and 5'7. Both want to lose 15lbs. Both are limited on time. They asked me what to do exercise wise.

So I recommended 1 set of 20 rep breathing squats, gradually increasing the weight Mon/Wed/Fri.

So here is the problem, high rep squats put weight on me, will it put weight on them too??? So am I helping or hurting these fine girls???


have they ever squatted before?

how's their diet like?


No they have not squatted since high school.
There diets have improved dramatically since I started training with them. One is on the Adkins diet. What I mean by this is she spends 900.00 dollars a month and every week they send her preportined meals for EVERY meal.

PS:Guys I would post pics but one is my wife, who is very beautiful...on the inside and out. That being the case I would rather not post pics as she is a person of integrity and would rather not be droooled over by men.