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Thread: Help understanding weakness in certain exercises

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    Help understanding weakness in certain exercises

    Hey everybody,

    After 8 years of regular weight training, interspersed with many atletics like Boxing, Soccer, and Hockey I started taking a 'BootCamp' training program in the mornings.

    Its been two months I am still shocked at how poorly I perform at certain exercises, while kicking butt on others (Pushups, Pullups, Shoulder Pushup). It seems like I do terrible at those exercises where I have to Hold a position under stress. My worst exercises is having to hold in a squat position, another is having to hold my arms out in an iron cross and make slow circles (How embarassing). What gets me is that I know that my shoulders are stronger than the rest of the class, and I know I can probably squat more also, but these exercises defeat me in a matter of seconds.

    So what's going on there? Could this be just a product of my athletic training and weightlifting, which conditioned me towards power, and raw strength?

    Could it be nutritional (Macro breakdown is 45,35, 20). Could it be that I am taking this class at 6 in the morning? Could it be the creatine? (I know that stuff is drying me out in there). I'm thinking it has to do with glucose level in my muscle, but that stuff is beyond me.

    How can someone be the best in class at doing lateral flys with dumbbells, and worst at holding his arms out in an iron cross and making little cirlces?

    Argghh, its frustrating. I'm not used to sucking


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    You said it yourself, you're conditioned for power and raw strength. The exercises you're having trouble with are endurance exercises. As with anything else, keep working on it and you'll improve

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    If you want conditioning, you have to train for it. Conventional weightlifting is not a particularly good conditioning protocol.

    Try something like Crossfit, or at least add GPP to your routine.

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