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Thread: Westside style routine while dieting? Also routine help??

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    Westside style routine while dieting? Also routine help??

    Is it worth it to do a westside style routine while dieting? Also, if it is, could someone help me out with a routine? I would do a search but this computer is so slow it would take me about 9 years to find something useful

    I saw this routine posted by shootermcgavin:

    Day1- ME bench - work up to a max single
    3-4 sets of incline bench or whatever(how many reps and to failure?? I don't know)
    Light shoulder work.

    Day2- Speed squats, 8-10 sets of 3
    Deadlifts 5 sets of 4-6 reps
    Heavy back, traps and ab work

    Day 3- Speed bench 8-10 sets of 3 with 50-60% of max
    Heavy shoulder work
    Heavy triceps work

    Day 4- Heavy squats upto a max single
    2 sets of 6-8 of a different quad exercise
    Hamstring work

    Does this look pretty good? Should I change anything?

    Can someone point me in the right direction of some good info if I am missing a bunch of stuff? Thanks.

    I looked on but my computer was so slow that I got sick of searching through articles.

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    Westside style training is very hard, very taxing on your body (and mind) and if you consider yourself a beginner, it may not be right for you. That said:

    Dieting while on Westside is possible, You will feel like crap 99% of the time. THis will make it easy to skip workouts. Skipping workouts leads to failure (the bad kind) in this type of program. That said:

    If you feel you're dedicated to sticking it out, it can be phenomenal. You should read everything you can about conjugated periodization (the technical term for "Westside") and definitely read Dave Tate's Periodization Bible Part I and II. That said:

    Westside is not simply doing a routine. The foundation of Westside is simple. Find your weaknesses, and improve them. Repeat.

    Use a basic template to start (no need to start out with bands/chains/etc), and as you learn more, add/subtract as you feel necessary. I can't stress enough, LEARN MORE. You will never know everything. Travis Mash just posted a 900+ squat in competition and he viewed this as a failure. Nobody knows everything.

    Check out the different westside journals and you'll see how widely they vary. Stay simple at first. Make sure to work your weaknesses and vary your max effort movements often.

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    Awesome, thanks alot man. I wouldn't call myself a beginner, I have been lifting for a few years. I would be a beginner to westside though. I will read them articles tonight when I get home. Thanks again man.

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    What Drew said: read the journals on WBB. The routine that I posted was simply what I was doing, built around the basic ME/DE Bench/Squat.

    It's definitely not set in stone, and there are people on here who have a lot more experience with the program than myself.

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    Just adjust westside to your needs. Since you're going to be low on calories I'd lower the volume. Just do what's absolutely necessary and get out of the gym. Sleep is pretty important for being mentally fresh since you get drained from going heavy all the time. Anyway, your routine doesn't look too bad.

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    Control for volume, make sure you're not eating too much of a deficit, and make sure to get enough carbs to cover the training volume you do get.

    Main place to watch it is on your total number of ME sets and on the total sets performed for assistance work.
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