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Thread: The most obvious come-on that YOU MISSED!!

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    The most obvious come-on that YOU MISSED!!

    You know, we have all had one those moments when in a sick twist of events a girl actually makes a move on YOU. But unfortunately the Gods above decides that it is EXACTLY the right time to grant you with a temporary ‘specialness’, so you end up missing what should be a totally clear home-run and end up looking more ******ed then a Down’s Syndrome kid trying to break-dance

    So come on ( ), share your most obvious come-on that you missed!! Here's some of mine, just to get the ball rolling,


    I remember this one as if it happened yesterday. I was 17 and went to Rhodos (Greece) with my family during one summer vacation. I met this really nice chick who stayed at the same hotel as we did and we actually got along pretty well. One night we decide to go to this view-post close to the beach to check out the view. It was night time so it was pretty romantic, the beach right at our feet, the stars shining brightly and the moon was up. After a while it got kind of chilly there. She was wearing a bikini top and some skimpy shorts, so as we are sitting there, she starts rubbing her arms and says ; “I’m sooo cold…..’

    I look at her and go : “I can keep you warm…..”

    She lights up and looks into my eyes ; “Really….”

    I get up, find an old blanket and wrap it around her.


    This one was more recently,

    Last semester at a party,this chick tells me how she’s up for anything, scribbles down her number on my hand and says :"Come to my place sometime, my roomie is out of town."

    Me : *reindeer caught in the headlights* “Uh….uh……uhhhhh…..”"

    Uhmmm….HELLO!!!!???!?? Mr Penis, are you there!!????
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