My question to all you is whether or not I should do a split training program or full body. I haven't lifted in a year and have been working out again for about 2 months and regained most of my muscle mass and strength where i left off. my goa by the end of summer would to be as "ripped as possible". I am on my college swim team so I don't want to be "huge" like a bodybuilder is but I would like to have a very good amount of size and mass, along with defintion. I understand you probably run across a lot of threads like this but i wanted to know which would be more benificial for the next 12 to 14 weeks. should i do a Split program (i recently started one 2 weeks ago to try it out again) or Full body three days a week. I also though maybe if i went with upper body mon, wed, and lower body on tue and thur that might be fine. what do you guys think? Im currently doing TUT training with split being: mon- chest/tris, tue-shoulders/traps, wed-legs, thur- back and bi's. im eating very good as well and am sticking to a good diet. thanks for any help you can give me.

semper fi