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Thread: Another "how's this routine" thread.. Please Help

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    Another "how's this routine" thread.. Please Help

    I have been lifting each body part 1x/week but have read around that its probably not the most beneficial. So I did some research and have come up with this routine. Its a upper/lower 4 day split. How's it look?
    Monday – Upper body
    4 sets BB Bench Press
    3 sets BB shoulder press
    4 sets Bentover BB Rows
    2 sets Skull crushers
    2 sets BB Curls
    2 sets shrugs
    2 sets forearm(don’t know exactly what exercises yet)

    Tuesday – Lower body
    4 sets Squats
    3 sets SLDL
    2 sets Leg Extentions
    2 sets Leg Curl

    Wednesday- Off

    Thursday – Upper body
    4 sets Lat pulldowns
    3 sets DB shoulder press
    4 sets DB incline Bench Press
    2 tricep pulldowns
    2 sets DB Hammer Curls

    Friday – Lower Body
    4 sets Deadlifts
    3 sets leg press
    4 sets Calf Raises
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    Try it out and see if it works for you. I can't tell you thats to much or to little because i dont know how your body reacts. Just try it out for a little while and see if you like the results if not change it up.


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