I know that dumbbells are said to be the "best" machines and work out the most muscles, but will they really help me get bigger than say a barbell or the hammer strength press machines. I do want to get stronger, but I am mostly set on looking bigger, and I feel that since I can do more weight/reps by using machines other than dumbbells, why should I stick with the dumbbell, even if it's "better"? I just think dumbbells are harder to do and harder to keep form. For example, why not do cable flys over machine flys if I can do more cable flys with more weight, or why not do hammer strength presses/barbell presses which are easier, rather than dumbell presses, if I can do more with the hammer strength or barbell. I guess you could say I'm a little confused, so if anyone has a good answer I'd love to hear it. Thanks.