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Thread: Bodybuilding questions

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    Bodybuilding questions

    Hi everyone, new here but found it on a search through google.

    I've been training for the last three months and while I have seen some great strength increases (about 25 pounds on all upper body work and 50+ on lower body stuff), I just can't seem to gain any mass. I take two protein shakes a day with about 1.5 scoops in each (45 grams of protein or so when milk is added) and eat whenever I can. THe problem is, now I'm working and don't get breaks for five hours at a time so I don't eat as often as I should. As far as weight changes, all I've done is cut some fat to go from a fatty 155 to a slightly more toned (not close to cut) 150.

    Also, I'm doing Max-OT for my routine.

    Is there anything I should be changing other than just diet?

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    Nope. You just need to eat more.
    If you don't know how MUCH more, track your food on for a while. If you aren't gaining on what you THINK you should be gaining on, eat more.

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    Built is right, just eat. Try taking a bag of mixed nuts with ya to work, they have lots of good fat, protien, and calories.

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    Yep, I always bring a freezer bag of food to work. Usually a handful of oats or peanuts, a protein bar, and a yogurt. Helps keep me from getting hungry mid-morning and in the afternoons.
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    I'm in a similar situation, I can't really eat at work except for lunch time. I just keep a few raison bran bars in my pockets (110 cals each) and inhale them between meals. I make up for this by eatting a massive breakfast, lunch and supper.

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    hey, you found this place the same way i did, type in weight lifting forums and its the first one! lol, i found what has proven the best weight lifting forum on the internet on my first shot and just because of convienience. ive only seen around 6-10 weight lifting forums but i think if there was one better it would be popular enough for me to have found it.


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