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Thread: Difficulty Breathing from Dry Mucus ...

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    Difficulty Breathing from Dry Mucus ...

    Hi all,

    Lately I've had trouble breathing because of dry mucus in my nose. Whenever I try to blow my nose, I get a nosebleed!!

    So now it's either don't pick my nose and not breathe well all day ... or I get a nosebleed everytime I pick my nose!!

    Is there a general remedy for preventing dry mucus from forming?


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    Are you taking anything that could be contributing to this(meds, drugs)? I know when I take regular asprin daily for my back, my nose bleeds frequently and easily. Also experiences with certain insuffulated drugs caused some of these problems. Maybe try to continue blowing lightly when you get a nosebleed, you nose may be trying to remove something? me reap of what I sow....

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    The odd ups and downs w/ weather we have here in Louisiana plays havoc w/ my sinuses also. Try just some normal saline mist bought over the counter at any pharmacy an spritz it a couple of times a day.

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    I don't get it? You have no mucus/low mucus and dry nasal passages or the mucus in there is dry and clumpy? Hydration helps if that's the case.

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