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Thread: Starting Up Body Building Again Questions

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    Starting Up Body Building Again Questions

    I worked out from Feb 04 to Aug 04, the supplements just got expensive and stuff. So I stopped working out, but now I have a full time job and I want to push myself to the max. I weighed 150 when I started in Feb and got to about 175 by August. I weighed myself today, I'm 153.8 pounds and I'm 5'11 or 6ft. I want to get about 210 in muscle with a big chest, nice biceps and triceps. I'm going to do my legs as well, the good thing is my family genes everyone has strong legs. Now what I did wrong last time I body builded was I took mostly shakes and not enough meats and I think it ****** me over big time. Also towards the end of my Body Building I started getting weak while in the GYM. I took 100% opituim Whey Vanilla Protein Powder, L-Glutamine powder, a multi-vitamin and EAS Betagen when working out. Also I didn't have someone to spot me all the time, so it was harder when I got higher in weights. This time around I plan on pushing to the max and doing w/e it takes to exceed my goal. I'm wondering what you'd suggest to take to help me have more energy. Also something to boost my strength? How long would it take to reach about 210? What order would you do a work out? Like I want to do a five day schedule. Say Chest Monday, Back Tuesday, Legs Wenesday, Triceps and Biceps Thursday, Friday Traps and Shoulders. Also I was thinking working in ABs and calves like 3 times a week in that. And I was going to use the weekend to rest. I want to be cut and 210 I know its reachable....

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    First off, you dont have to take supplements to lift weights. Its probably better if you do, but not having enough money for supplements is definately not a reason to quit lifting... I also think you should get your diet in check first before you start taking supplements. Sounds like you have put supplements as a priority over your diet. Check out the diet and nutrition forum to learn what to eat. You should also check out the WBB Routine 1 for a good place to start with training. You need to do a lot of reading up. And you wanted to know how long it will take to get from 150 ibs to a ripped 210? Years and years of hard work. Isnt goona happen anytime soon. If you are dedicated enough it will happen. Good luck.
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