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Thread: Looking For Some Guidance

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    Looking For Some Guidance

    Whats going on everybody!?!?! I am new to this forum so I thought I could introduce myself as well as ask a couple of questions at the same time!

    Well first of all I am 20 years old and I am about 6'1 180.... so obviously I am not very big, but I am definately working on it!

    Heres the deal I have been lifting for about 4 months now, and I have recently just started eating better in terms of what I should be eating to gain weight. I am taking protein as well as a calorie drink every day now to try and gain that extra weight. In addition to this I drink about 100 ozs of water per day as well as I eat about 5 chicken breats a day atleast. So my first quesion I suppose would be.... do you gusy think there are any additions to my diet I could make to help me get the extra weight I will be needing? Ohh I forgot in addition to the chicken I eat 2 turkey sandwiches a day.... But I am very open to suggestion and since you guys know what your talking about I will make whatever changes are needed to be made.

    I am getting a little discouraged with my lifting because I have been going hard for 4 months now and haven't seen much in terms of change? I am getting a lot stronger, and I am going up in weight every week but the size gains just dont seam to be coming? I suppose that will change if I start eating better???

    My work out is as such..... but again please make some suggestions and I will be glad to change it... and please not my main goal is simply to add muscle mass.

    Monday - Chest
    Tuesday - Legs
    Wednsday - Back and Shoulders
    Thursday - Bis and forearms
    Friday - Tris

    So how doeas this look to you guys? Also, I try to go really heavy so I generally do about 3-4 sets of 8 reps on each workout... So I am not sure if this is correct either?

    Ok awesome guys! I appreciate anyone who has ANY input on this, and if I think of anything else I will let you know! Thanks again guys! Ciao!

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    my other thing i left out was the fact that I do 150 pushups a day? is this a smartb idea?

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    150 pushups wow! a day!
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    what else are you getting beside water and chicken breasts? How much carbs are you getting? Have you estimated how many calories you are getting in each day?

    As for 150 pushups a day... i don't think you need that much. This is more endurance than anything. Just cuz i can do 300 sit up a day don't make that a good idea. If you're doing 100 pushups and crunches or curls before sex.. that's acceptable.

    -- Your bi's and tris don't really need their own days unless you're 225lbs and can curl a ton.

    == and for the purpose of gaining weight, you should limit the number of days spent at the gym to 3 or 4 days. Your body grows mainly when you rest and eat.
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    Ok let me think.... can anyone give me a rough idea of how much chicken has??? i mean calories/protein wise??? ummm lets see... I take my calorie shake with milk and protein shake.... so I guess per day I am getting probably 1200 Calories from just that (the protein plus calorie drink). Then I try and eat the chicken and the turkey sandwiches like I said before? But I am not sure how much they have in terms of calories? Does anyone know the answer to this approximatly?

    Now what should I do in terms of abs? How many times a week should I work this out? and with how many sets and reps?

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    Ok cool looks good, I will check it out tommorow after classes! Thanks for the advice!


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