So I started lifting about 3 weeks ago, and am trying to bulk up. I am eating as much as I can, and have gone from 150 lbs to 156 lbs. in 3 weeks (this is with my sneakers on after I finish working out at the gym, so subtract a pound or two i guess). Anyway, I recieved some advice from a friend and want to confirm with you all if it is good advice. He said to continue eating a lot (including whole milk, breads, milkshakes, etc.) and lifting, until I hit 170 lbs. He said not to do any abs (he said fat will cover it anyway) or cardio while I am in this bulking phase. After I hit 170, I should start to do abs, cardio, and eat less. Do you all agree with this strategy (I am especially interested about whether or not I should work abs), and the 20 lbs of weight he said I should try and gain before I start to cut?

My workout to this point has been

Monday - Chest/triceps/abs
Tuesday- Off
Wednesday- Off
Thursday - Legs/shoulders/abs
Friday - Back/biceps/abs
Saturday - Off
Sunday - Off